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Cornered был записан на Dai Records. Сведение было сделано на студии Navaho Hut. В качестве приглашенных музыкантов в записи альбома приняли участие Douglas Verhoeven (In-Quest), Дмитрий Игнатьев (Tantal), Дмитрий ‘Dimebag’ Дасов (Educated Scum), Андрей Ищенко (Scrambled Defuncts, Crystal Abyss и др.). Дизайн и оформление альбома выполнены Nipis и Rusha.


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Fatal band город Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: It’s All Over
1. It's all over

Dead soil brings no life
The melting sky can only bleed with fire
Feel your lungs with toxic air
Black snow to cover your skin
When fifty suns will shine
And they will outline awry horizon

Twenty four seconds
Will wipe out what was left your pride
Time will stand still
As you watch your world die

Play god
Do what you need
Your duty
Go for it

You've lost the game
Time of payback
It's all over now!
Track Name: Dead Civilization
2. Dead Civilization

Vanished Nation...
Dead Civilization...

Once so prosperous, now dead and gone
Dead civilization, drowned in the sands of time

Vanished Nation...
Dead Civilization...

Twist of nature
Brought devastation

All treasures of culture
Art, language, architecture
From the face of earth erased
Disappeared without a trace

Vanished nation...
Dead civilization...

Once so prosperous, now dead and gone
Dead civilization, will we be another one?
Track Name: The Antisymbol
3. The antisymbol

Forcing your deception to forth dimension
The antisymbol of the human comprehension
Behind the force of media
They try to hide their lust for power

Build your icons on their flesh
Feed your children with their blood

Create the myth, hypnotize the population
Moderate the truth, reprogram the memory
Track Name: Cornered
6. Cornered

Shaking walls, transforming
Stand up , stay back
Carving surface of your mindflow
And now you run, You
Don't hide, don't run


Textures of existence collide
Сreate new form
Shape of fear
Transmit your inner decay

Stimulate disturbing dreams
Don't wake the terror
Transfer to another world, resist!

This time it's for real
Medical struggle
Chemical distress
Strain, pain, delusion
You've cornered yourself
Track Name: Reframe
7. Reframe


My heart, a concrete cell
Irreversible servo-motion
Lapse into the shattered coma
Relieve my memories again

Gas masks, a chain reaction
Nylon-fiber articulations
Unraveled explosion rhythm
A shrapnel neutralization
The fragile links of biocreation
Connect the network into one

Children Laughter
I can't recall inside my world
Voices of entropy
Under a senseless method no more
A cold affection
That creates another friction
I can't hear myself
Trapped inside for another second